Swissaire Apartments
Equal Housing Opportunity

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(S) Studio, One Bath
±420 Square Feet
Starting Rent: $750
Security Deposit: $395
Availability: Waiting List
See rates & rental policies
(1A) One Bedroom, One Bath
±620 Square Feet
Starting Rent: $850
Security Deposit: $495
Available Now
See rates & rental policies
(1B) One Bedroom, One Bath
±620 Square Feet
Starting Rent: $850
Security Deposit: $495
Availability: Waiting List
See rates & rental policies
(2A) Two Bedrooms, One Bath
±879 Square Feet
Starting Rent: $1045
Security Deposit: $595
Availability: Waiting List
See rates & rental policies

For additional information, to schedule a viewing or request a place on our waiting list please use the following contact form or call us at the number below:

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4125 Swiss Avenue
Suite 100
Dallas, TX 75204